Saturday, July 02, 2011

I love you Jakob Dylan

Jakob Dylan was not a 90's flash in the pan for me. I did not hold it against him that his father is Bob Dylan, who I generally cannot stand to listen to. I am listening to The Wallflowers right now in my T3 state of bliss and am falling in love with him all over again...his music a decade after his 90's debut is loverly to my stoned ears.

No I have not become a codeine addict...but I have a special relationship with T3s while I am menstruating...a relationship only few of u can understand. I secretly hope during my GB operation they accidentally remove my uterus.

On Thursday I went to Alex's art show at the V-Lounge. She and 3 other artists had a show and it was lovely...her new piece I love...Blogger can suck my balls though b/c it is not letting me upload within this post. Anyhow she sold a few pieces which is great and it was a good night...I have to say her good friend Randy Stratton is a hoot...he owns Asylum Tattoos can you not like a guy with a clown car horn for his cellphone ring? His wife Jackie is cool too so it is a great package deal. Shawna came with me after we did a movie (BAD TEACHER) and a quick bite to eat so it was a night of great company and conversation. Best quote of the night: this guy gets up from the table and says "I am going over there to sit with the hot girls"....Oh wow. Thank you sir...HAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA He was completely oblivious. Men can be so charming. :\

Friday Canada Day was Drag Queen Baseball...SO FUN! Loved it....see pics below...such a great event...will look fwd to it every year now.

Today is couch day...making tutus with Alex, watching ghey movies...drinking tea...

Yeah. Love it.

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