Monday, August 01, 2011


im too tired to even type...i got all cocky today and went for a walk........bad idea...i stranded myself at fairway market on a bench after hitting 'the wall' and called a cab to get home b/c I couldnt walk steadily enough to get to the bus stop...eejit. i came home and slept for almost 3 hrs and have been feeling awful ever since.
needless to say im staying home all day tomorrow...the prospect of work wednesday is rather daunting but i figure ill go in and see what happens...if i hit that wall ill go home. the end. shit all i can do about it.

yesterday i was hanging with lisa at her dads place and had a good day...i got a few fantastic pictures - the dragonfly ones please me greatly even though they totally wig me gawd those things are crazy looking but it just sat there posing for me for so long...thank u mr dragonfly.

my mom is coming to visit! aug 27-29...ayla will be in PR and will have to see her early in the visit before coming down here...we will have a few days to CHILL, check out a few sights around town (she will have her car - woohoo), go on a few walks...itll be nice. aylas gone aug 20-sept ?
ayla has her 1st driving school driving lesson thursday...hehehe fun!
ok im back to the lay down position...


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