Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy a la Jen!

Very interesting day...the Victoria 'Occupy' protest/rally/demonstration/march (whatever you want to call it) was quite a success...I was worried the #'s would be low and embarrassing but there were far more ppl than I expected...esp for the march so that was cool.

Guy, Donna & I went to the Leg Bldgs and heard some speakers...some

were horrific but a few were really excellent. The person hosting the even was rather annoying all but demanding ppl in masks remove them - it got really annoying esp b/c there was not even a slight air of violence or mischief (aside from what was coming from Guy Monty) in the vicinity...

My favorite speaker was the cool asian kid...he put together an amazing presentation/speech and it had some serious balls and heart. His figures were a little skewed (but he may have just misread or misspoke...not sure) but it did not matter b/c his intent was clear...he was pissed and hell bent on exposing the reason why Canada, the US and Europe etc are all in the mess we are in and demanding accountability. FUCKING LOVED IT. I hope that kid goes on to do more of that.

After that we grabbed lunch and then tooled around downtown...hit a few thrift stores...I scored a couple in particular gave me a giant BONER...Aldo Nova's debut LP a la 1982...fml I had this cassette and listened to it like a mofo...totally reminds me of my grandparents trailer on Klahanie Drive b/c it was super big with the JW guys on the street who I would hang around with even though they were forbidden to hang out with HEATHEN JEN and I was forbidden to hang out with them b/c they were nut-bars (Thanks Chuck haha)...'Hang around with' is code for 'meeting @ Scuttle Bay and making out and getting high'.  So yeah I am listening to this record and fucking loving ever moment...though I still hate the same song on it hat I hated back then..."SEE THE LIGHT" - uck - dumb song.

I also found myself a bedroom mirror...At 1st I was going to paint it but the more I look at it in its crazy tacky weirdness I don't think I has a red velvet back on it and is from reminds me of some garish church I will clean it up and hang it and use it as my snow white mirror to blow dry my hair in the AM in my I realized I still blow dry my hair in the living room and I NO LONGER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WAKING ANYONE UP IN THE MORNING WITH THE I am relocating that back to the bedroom!

Tonight I am just chilling...wondering why Lisa Coleman never returns my phone calls...I miss her and she is avoiding all social contact at the moment and it makes it kinda hard to give someone a hand or make a plan to help out WHEN THEY DON'T CALL YA BACK! (Did u hear me COLEMAN!!!!!!!?) Aside from that I am just burping up stuffing and wishing I was not.

I have been selling stuff on usedvic for Tracey all week...and I have made her a nice little pile of money but she still has yet to sell the weird porcelain dolls or the baby george rotisserie and when ppl come over to buy stuff I feel the need to explain that the dolls are for sale and NOT part of my weirdo collection...

Just over 2 weeks til Aunty Cathy is here...

Ayla's grade 12 pics turned out nice I thought...she hates them of course but I really like that she is completely relaxed and not trying to smile in them....I am sure her grad pics will be nice as well...the girl takes a damn good picture. Brat.

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