Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seattle - I Love You.

Yes - that's right...a maple long john with BACON on it. Bellingham's ROCKET DONUTS has some kick ass donuts!

Happiest puffer fish on earth...I loved this thing @ ON RICE where we went for Thai.

The EMP Museum was pretty damn cool...any music fan would enjoy the exhibits and the scene in there.

Harrison, Michelle & I at the SKY CHURCH @ the EMP...biggest and best gigantical screen I have ever seen.

Yep - I ate TOFURKEY! My American friends were thoughtful enough to make me a Canadian Thanksgiving feast and it was pretty damn good considering no meat was involved.


mashelator said...

You're coming back, right?!???
Next time we GRILL, sister.
(would rock to see Ayla & Barb & her clan as well!)

~Jen~ said...

of course....grill what? veggie burgers? haha (i love veggie burgers lol)