Sunday, November 06, 2011


Aunty Cathy & a tree

So much going on....excursions to the hardware is a tough life.

As I type my poor aunty is crippling herself in A's bathroom re-tiling it...all looks 2897483745 x better...and I have to say I have no interest in ever doing such a job...fat ppl on their knees and hunched on the floor is a recipe for disaster via the knees and back and hips....I suspect my aunt shall be crippled and want to die later this evening...(2 fatties don't fit in that little bathroom so only the competent one gets to do it all...what can I say...I just get in the way!)
A. is stoked...just need to caulk it, paint the caulk so it looks SMOOOOOTH and streamlined and loverly...this was NOT an easy task....the walls are EXTREMELY CROOKED.

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