Thursday, November 17, 2011


Sucks ~ but man does it ever look kick ass to change up a room and completely alter the look of you may or may not know I have SEVERELY ugly old 70s cabinets in my kitchen that are EYESORES...completely hideous and ridiculously horrid. No exaggeration. With that said - even the loveliest of paint cannot blind you from the fact they are there...YOU CANNOT POLISH A TURD after all...but the paint sure makes you not look at the cupboard-grossness first which considering getting new knobs/hardware just to try and make them even more invisible...Once we set the new shelf up and have it all tiddled I will post a before and after.

I am broken as shit today...we didn't have a ladder so getting up on to a chair and then back down off a chair (or the counter top) is a lot of UP & DOWN for this fatty...and not in a good way...I am broke as shit this morning...sore neck, sore back, sore arms, sore legs, fucked up foot....I AM AWESOME but gawd dammit my kitchen walls look fan-fucking-tastic!!! We did get aa darker accent color for the 1 wall and bulkhead - we started the wall 1st and then panicked and washed it all off with a cloth as it looked like a shitty baby diaper color after all...we did the whole bulkhead to see if it was better in a small dose....but we ended up painting over it b/c it was so complicated doing 2 colors (hahahah) and it really wasn't as awesome as we'd hoped. Cathy talked me off the ledge a few times as after the 1st coast of the nice paint I still thought it looked like shit but she assured me once dry with a 2nd coast it would be great - she is right! Thank you aunty Cathy!

I am off for an x-ray this morning on my foot....I have an appt with a sports medicine Dr on Monday for my foot/Achilles nightmare...and no I have not missed the irony of me being sent to a sports medicine doctor hahahhahaha I am such an athlete after PR Dr. was saying I might have to start wearing a weird sock/brace to sleep that keeps my foot flexed all night....gee, doesn't THAT sound comfy...I don't care...if it helps I will do it.

PR was nice...Sidney is a dream FUN! Madelyn is getting so grown up....went and saw her at karate and had some cute conversations with her...mainly we spent the weekend trying to convince her to let someone yank her dingley dangle front tooth b/c it was hanging by a thread of mouth meat for DAYSSSS - it was hard to look It eventually fell out while she slept twds the end of the visit thank gawd hahah

Had a good visit with the family and friends...ate too much food as per usual...the drive home down the Malahat in the dark with poor Cathy's bad night driving eyes was a little TENSE but we survived and she now knows to never try that again hahaha We took the rental car back yesterday...I miss it. haha

Ok - going to medicate my broken, old, fat self........


Maggie said...

did you call my child a "dream toddler" ???
i should send you some video. LOL

~Jen~ said...

he is a dream boy!