Friday, December 30, 2011


Colder than a witches tit I am...sitting here listening to the 1st Pat Benatar record...I remember when I got it in grade 5 in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan...I had it and The Baby's. I recall that I fake autographed The Baby's album and tried convincing my evil step-sister Lisa that I met the band and they signed it for me...nice to know I was completely full of shit at the age of 10 too. Back then I had a pile of my mom's old records...a cool compilation set called THE GOLDEN AGE OF BRITISH ROCK...if I ever see that in a thrift store I might faint. I also had her old 45's...Dr Hook's 'Sylvia's Mother' and George Harrison's 'My Sweet Lord' - which to this day is one of my favorite songs. Funny how back then flipping or changing a record was no big deal whereas now I find it incredibly INCONVENIENT. Ohhhh laziness has reached great heights in 2011...fuck - I won't even watch TV is the clicker is lost. Not.even.kidding. I have better shit to do than getting off the couch to change the channel...

I am toying with the idea of cutting cable next month...I considered the land-line but that seems too welfare or something to not have a land-line...know what I mean? I detest talking on my cell phone so I would pretty much drop off the face of the phone planet...I rarely talk on my cell b/c when I do I am anxious about it beaming a brain tumor into my head every second I am on is basically a really expensive CLOCK I carry in my pocket (which I realize if beaming an ovarian tumor into my girl parts)... **for the record I realize I go through these cycles where I cut my cable off or back only to up it again once I am more flush...I am self-aware.

It is my mom's last day at the Red Lion Pub tomorrow night... (YAY!! CHEER! WOOHOO!) I am sure it will be a tough night for her...I suspect she will be all emotional about it but it really is a good move on her part...and not an easy one so I am glad she mustered up the courage to do it! Way to go!

New Years Eve tomorrow night...ugh. Never been my favorite...I will do pretty much what I am doing tonight...records...internet...might make something craft like...I really wanna make some felt little animals...I have no idea seems very unlike me but like with everything about me I am morphing it seems...By morphing I mean turning into an alien...I am fairly certain demetia/alzheimers is in my future...I am doing weird shit...this morning the front doors @ work were locked so I stood holding my swipe pass in front of the DOOR it's fucking magic and would turn the knob for me or something...meanwhile the swipe spot on the opposite end of the door frame...I stood there long enough that I was actually embarrassed someone may be watching me out one of the windows standing there like a retard waiting for the door to open itself. JFC. Sometimes I grab my swipe pass and try to open the front door of my apt. bldg with it too...that's awesome. What else....oh my hair is thinning...and I cannot converse and do a task at the same is just too's like my brain synapses have been damaged in an electrical fire...

I have 4 days off...they are my last little stretch for a I am gunna savor the shit out of them...Starting Jan 9th its a 5 day work week (GASP! THE HORROR!) has been quite some time since I had to work 5 days in a row....quite honestly I just want business to pick up b/c the boredom is actually killing me...maybe that's why my brain is dissolving...I don't use it anymore...I don't problem solve for a living anymore...fuck.

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