Tuesday, January 31, 2012

just call me...LOU FERRIGNO

Isn’t it sad now that when you call a company and speak to ‘customer service agent’ that it is due diligence to call back again and speak to a different agent to insure you were given the correct information? When wait times on the phone can be horrendous this chronic customer service failure that plagues us all is REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING.

Ayla’s grad pics came...and of course the agent I spoke to was a big dumb liar a-hole and the touch up was not done and for 370.00 I do not want to see chapped lips (full hair and makeup and Ayla forgot her chap stick ffs...don’t worry I got her lots for her birthday)...so I call knowing already that I simply send them back on their dime and they redo them...only I get told that touch up requires another 28.00 HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA By now I have a good sense of humour about this and just laugh...rather manically I am sure...but laugh I did. I don’t even care b/c I am in so deep now who cares hahahaha plus they are FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL so...it is worth it.

Ayla’s 18 tomorrow... YAY! YAY! YAY! I am being a mean mom and making her wait til dinner to have her pressies. We are going for dinner...the 2 of us...restaurant was up to her...so it looks like it’ll be 5th Street Bar & Grill or San Remos. Pretty low key...

I am now a fan of the UNDERWORLD movie series....saw all 4 this weekend and lurve em...not sure why I never saw them before...flew under my radar I guess...cute vampire chicks in gothy get ups are awesome b/c that means hot vampire hybrids etc are in the vicinity! Pure escapism.

Well...It is OUT...cousin Maggie is expecting another bambino! YAYYYYYYYYY!! Ayla & I are super excited for her & David....and Squid of course who will get to be a big brother sometime around September. EXCITING EXCITING EXCITING!

My teeth are still not near normal but the worst has passed so now it’ll likely drag on forever at this half assed ok/so not ok stage...nothing fatal...just another common annoyance in life that makes you sigh long and loud.

I spent yesterday with Kate....we saw a weird movie (HAYWIRE), ate too many scones and ate too much bread and popcorn...hung out while we both displayed our fantastic sewing skills (good lord)...dreamt about winning the lottery...tonight I am gunna go dine with an old co-worker and eat some Vietnamese food (not dogs)...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope we get to see some of these beautiful expensive photos! Hapyy birthday to Ayla! An adult, yay!

~Jen~ said...

I bought cards...youll get one :o) THE UNCHAPPED VERSION