Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hurry Up Already!

Oh sweet Thursday...I am always busy and love it at it is the day before Friday which is the best work day of the week b/c it’s like Christmas Eve as a kid...the day before sheer awesomeness.
Now that A. has her “N” she is chomping at the bit to get a car...for those of you who do not live in BC the “N” means :

Basically you are on drive on your own but you can only ever have 1 passenger and there are other restrictions...which have saved lives since becoming law. It really is a genius set taking the driving school program A. has 6 mths less of the restriction period (24 mths down to 18 mths) if only they would jack the drinking age up to 21...

I should probably be more worried about it but I have already spent 18 yrs tormenting myself she would get hit by a car walking down the street so this new thing isn’t all that worrying...I DO worry about choices she will make of course...having more ppl in the car...drinking...etc. It is impossible not to spazz about that in your head but she is 18 and really...what control do I have unless she is in the room with me...ZERO. All I can do is stress the importance of doing the right thing and cross my damn fingers.

Went and saw gibbled Donna last night with Sarah...oh she is miserable...and rightly so. With her Caribbean cruise in 6 weeks it would be nice for her to heal up well enough so she isn’t a total wheelchair’er on the trip.

So I figured out all my weird earthquake/lava/separation dreams are because I am reading the 5th instalment of the Clan of the Cave Bear book series...the whole series of course has a character named A.yl.a and is about separation and such so...I am sure that is sparking some of that business. I have the 5th to read and then the 6th and I am now fully engrossed back in that world. Having read the 1st four while I was pregnant they have completely ingrained themselves into my mind... hence why A. is named A.Y.L.A.

Still waiting for the damn tour company to email us all the details about A’s trip next month. I bugged them again today and they said they send them out 7-14 days prior to the trip....FUGGGG!! Seriously!! That is friggin lame...ugh. There are a few details to work out with getting to the Airport...meaning if the flight is EARLY she may have to stay in Vancouver over night. This is going to cause me a lot of ANXIETY...b/c if she misses the damn flight due to some weird life thing that happens even to anal retentive and uber prepared ppl like me – I will shit the bed.

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