Friday, March 30, 2012

Mexican Gut Rot

Ohhhh the price some pay for fun...Ms Travel Grrl is very gross sick...figure we will give it til the end of Sat. and if there is no improvement it is Dr time...she went to a dress fitting today and was worried it was gunna turn into a scene from Bridesmaids...ha ha ha That made me laugh when she said it. Ugh...I know this is fairly common and all that but the thought of parasites and such grosses me out...also I have known ppl who came back from places and have been sick for MONTHS....that is not a nice prospect for her or I.

The Sprog is also suffering from cabin fever and has transferred her sickness bed out to the couch...for the benefit of TV and a general change of scenery. I am being neurotic to not touch anything she has touched. hahahahaaaaaaaaa...

All I can say is I am relieved it is the weekend b/c I need some damn sleep! Even if I only sleep in til 7 am - the fact I don't wake up to an alarm or have to rush to leave the house is friggin awesome!

I have just discovered PORK LOINS...dunno whether you have noticed or not but the price of chicken is a little steep these days so I ventured into the land of pork (that sounds funny)...purchased my 1st pork loin...smothered it in BBQ sauce and garlic for 12 hrs and roasted it......SO GOOD. That is what my life has become...getting excited over PORK LOIN.

I wonder if Mexicans come to Canada if they get sick like Canadians do when they visit Mexico...?? Anyone?

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Gah! Scene from Bridesmaids! Poor thing.

I will have to ask the OFKAR whether her Mexican former roommate got sick when he lived here. I don't think so, but all he ate was sandwiches.

Pork tenderloin is amazing when bbqd or baked and sliced into a pita with Greek salad. Now I'm hungry!