Friday, June 01, 2012


OK...I am not a hypochondriac...HURRAY! The foot ultrasound was fruitful...Dr still insists it is HAGLUND'S DEFORMITY (click here)...Anyway...he could see that the tendon is completely inflamed figures it is rubbing on that protruding bone constantly...which is why it never goes away now b/c it is too inflamed to to NOT rub on it....the other foot has it too but it is not near as big so it is less likely to be an issue. He offered me a cortisone shot on the spot - stating it's either that or live with it or eventually they can operate on it which would involve actually having to shave the heel bone down so there is no rubbing...sometimes the cortisone injections clear it up...sometimes it will come back...but I need to keep icing it to avoid the inflammation etc...and avoid exercise that is going to fire it up again (ie hard walking, hills etc.)....stick to the bike .swimming etc...which just goes to show Maggie was right...I do need to live in a bldg with a pool.

The injection was gross...getting a needle shoved into the sorest part of your body is most unpleasant but felt weird yesterday...pretty sure the cortisone caused me to have an increase in temperature at one point where I was sure I was having my 1st official hot flash of death...fml I thought I was going to turn into 1 giant puddle in the middle of Shoppers Drug Mart. ha! Anyhow...I iced it all night and today it is MASSIVELY improved...I can still feel a tinge in there....but the improvement is significant...oddly, I am still favoring it and don't trust it we shall see....

HENRY ROLLINS TONIGHT!!! & as if that wasn't enough - Pam & Jim are coming to night as well for the weekend.

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