Sunday, June 24, 2012

Waffle War

Me & the waffle maker are at odds...I think it hates me. I nearly steamed my nipple off today leaning to get a plate from the cupboard...I got that pup under cold water fast enough to save myself from serious peril as it turns out but the waffle makers intent is obvious...the war is on....that waffle maker will soon become my bitch and make me perfect wafflers EVERY TIME without any injury or drama....I am going to make waffles every Sunday until I win.

Today I went on a wander the sweaty and gross but managed to visit both Lisa and Esther before making it to my movie downtown...saw lots of cool street art as I tromped around Fernwood...
Before seeing my movie I stopped in @ Lyle's (record store) and found HIGH & DRY (Def Leppard) on vinyl for 2.49...wooohoo...then hit the theatre and saw the greatest little movie I have seen in a while...genuinely fantastic...great acting...creative and not all Hollywood lame... MOONRISE KINGDOM.

SO great....was a great way to finish off an already nice afternoon.
Back to work tomorrow. Boo!

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