Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have cooked more today than I have the whole time I have been off work since Aug 3rd...I go back tomorrow and I am rather mortified. In all honesty, the required schedule having a job is good for me - it created some type direction for me b/c left to my own devices I am a gawd damn sloth. I have spent 15 hrs watching the True Blood series this weekend and I don't even friggin LIKE it....I didn't realize it sucked so bad til I snuck in a few episodes from season 2 of DAMAGES (which is a clever, mind twisting series) and then in contrast I was embarrassed at myself for watching True Blood at all.

I have done very little since Connie left...I got my hair cut (which I love for a change) and hung out with Lisa a bit...then...did dinner at Tracey and Adrienne's and visited with them and Ash and Tasmin...which is always fun. I hung out with Lisa again and went to see THE BOURNE LEGACY...loved it...Ed Norton is in it ffs. I would so make out with him if he had a beard. And Jeremy Renner - I could also be convinced to make out with him...beard or not....I have this boner for movies that portray the lead hottie men as a one man  beat-down machine...the unrealistic speed & skill of their fighting scenes gives me serious lady wood...even though I know its fake as shit...(with the exception of Bruce Lee b/c that mofo was fast as hell for real) I prefer my hot leading men to be dishing out the beat-downs and not getting them so this flick was awesome for me...I didn't realize until after that Lisa hadn't seen the previous 3...! ACKKKKKKKKK...I dunno how that made any sense to her at all.

I don't think SNUCK is a word....?? Googling now... OH LOOK:  ERROR = SNUCK - In American English “snuck” has become increasingly common as the past tense of “sneak.” This is one of many cases in which people’s humorously self-conscious use of dialect has influenced others to adopt it as standard and it is now often seen even in sophisticated writing in the US. But it is safer to use the traditional form: “sneaked.”
I am leaving snuck up in paragraph one...b/c sneaked sounds weird.

Today Amanda (old pal from high school in PR) is coming to visit with her mom Karen and Amanda's son Kyle (who I have yet to meet and I am pretty sure he is 12 or something) - I haven't seen Amanda since...oh wow 13-14 yrs it should be pretty cool...I often cursed Amanda for being so skinny when we were teens...wished/willed her to have a giganic ass as she curse failed...I guess I will let her live since she didn't turn into a stuck up dink. ha!

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