Friday, September 07, 2012

1000 Years of Darkness Alright...

I enjoyed the Democratic Convention finale last night...Biden was a bit jibberjabbery but Obama did not disappoint...He could be talking about toilet tissue or hair rollers and I would find him to be a riveting speaker. I really liked how he did not sugar coat what has been viewed as lack of progress...he owned it. I did not think for a moment that in 4 years that much damage could be undone especially in politics where you are forced to play a game with ppl you cannot trust and have to wheel and deal with. The strategy involved is mind numbing. I do not pretend to have kept up on every minute thing he is up to either but I can tell you one thing...he is doing a shit ton better than the republicans have done and will do and he is trying to do right in a system that is not easy to navigate – so kudos to him. Perfect – NO. That is pure cannot please everyone...but the critical moment for me was his Lincoln quote: I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. What a telling line to use...I have always thought that being the president of such a country would be racked with insanely difficult decisions and many moments when your hands are simply tied by politics, policy, strategy and pure fuckery. Not a position to envy...except if you are a republican b/c then the bottom line is so clear you can justify all sorts of horseshit.
By the way – Chuck are a republican puff...I will show you 1000 years of darkness you trophy-wifed asshole.

Anyway...the weekend is upon me. I love 3 day weekends...I have no plans – I want no plans – I do what I want – when I want – with who I want...I recently attempted to woo someone and using my new and improved decision maker brain I opted out early b/c I no longer wish to pursue men-folk who are like one of those fucking tin cans that defy every can opener in the know the ones...the ones you have to practically mangle to get open...fuck that...I am not a gawd damn therapist or a forensic psychologist – digging for every morsel of truth or tidbit you let whistle out of your sphincter personality...I have been plagued with the curse of being incredibly open and honest and with that I have the equal expectation and it is really just a rare thing to meet anyone likeminded it seems...the rarest of unicorns...add in my lack of standard physical appearance requirements, neurosis’, lack of trust in all humans, inability to be quiet about things that are insane etc...I am not exactly in high demand ova here...and I am ok with that b/c I have come to accept my ‘special’ personality...anyway – OPERATION: WOO THE GUY is over. There was a guy on the street after work – I saw him from the bus as we drove by – with a FREE HUGS sign....he was cute too...I might have stopped. Ha ha ha

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