Thursday, November 22, 2012

Raw & Real

Nice hanging with the Laal/Campbell/Benner crew for Adrienne's birthday last night...ate the best steak at 5th Street Bar & Grill and then endured an agonizing (but amusing) game of NHL Monopoly back at her place. Poor Joel – he had the title of "greedy Asian businessman" bestowed upon him early in the game...every property he bought up just reinforced this stereotype and in the end – he did not even win b/c he spent all his money hahahaha So fun.

Talking to Barb a bit....colon cancer ruled out and so was heart/lung cancer...this is if brain cancer is not enough! There is some internal bleeding they cannot explain thus far though...Her speech is a bit improved due to the steroids I would imagine but she is definitely not herself...for instance – this morning at 5 am (8 am in Toronto) she was elated and overexcited almost...and well aware of it – she thinks it's something to do with the tumor b/c its out of character and certainly not appropriate considering what's going on.
What a heavy subject though...she is so blown away by the response and feedback and support she is getting from the people in her life...she said the words shared by her nephew that she has known her whole life just completely blew her mind...she had no idea how she has touched people.

Happy Thanksgiving to Ayla and her peeps in the US today...they should be having a fantastic dinner this evening. She is having a nice time despite a few boundary issues with her dad. It doesn't surprise me really...he has consistently placed his own needs and requirements ahead of hers so the fact he will not respect her wishes to not be hugged every 5 mins is not really unexpected. I just shake my has been really nice (not gunna lie) to have eliminated that all from my life...doesn't erase existing resentment (if only) but it is a relief after so many years to not have to be subjected to his ignorance and stupidity. She seems to be enjoying the visit with the grandparents and uncle/cousin though so that's great...she sure was excited to see them all. She said it was so cute how her gramma walked her to the track so she could go for a run...I teased her about gramma following her in the car as she ran on the street to ensure her safety...ha!

Also a Happy Tofurky Day to my Benedetti Friends...they made me a tofurky & trimmings when I was there last wasn't revolting!!!!! Hahaha I really loved the gesture and the time spend prepping such a vegan-y meal...was really nice. I enjoy their company too which is always in short supply...really wanna get some more Michelle time in...

Talking to Barb the other day about journals...she is a diarist as am I...and I have often wondered what to do with my full journals b/c let's face it...if you are at all truthful to yourself you journal about things that bother you and hurt you and piss you well as good stuff...and that pissed off stuff can be a hard read for the person it is about upon your demise and no longer guarded journals being read by others. Especially your 'secrets'...those secrets that are not necessarily meant for minors or certain can cause a serious dilemma...Burn em? Bury em? Hide em? My vote was to leave them with a trusted person to doll out to her children once her kids were older adults and not me it would be a grand travesty to let that history and perspective go unread...
Perhaps that is just me though...and why I love reading autobiographies...I love connecting with ppl on a genuine is a rare occurance even if it is just ONE WAY by reading something they just barfed out of their mind onto paper....raw and real.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I wonder if there is some sort of historical preservation society who can come in and scoop up your diaries after you pass. And also erase your hard drive, of course.

~Jen~ said...

No kidding...keeps my sex toy collection small...dont wanna look like a freak upon death ha ha ha