Friday, December 28, 2012

...with fire in the heart...

The weekend has arrived...I have been a complete shut in weirdo this week...Shawn arrived today, dragged me outdoors...and we are all going to see a movie tonight. Tried to go see "This is 40" the other night with A. and the theatre was experiencing technical difficulties and it was a total shit show so we left and I had to wait forever to get refunds and A. and I got in a spat and took sep. buses home and disaster. I considered writing the Odeon to tell them a simple ticket refund is NOT cool b/c that doesn't take into acct the $ spent on snacks or the high degree of complication to make arrangements with a teenager for such an outing but then as I thought about it it just sounded pathetic and retarded so - it's just one of those things you get to eat in life...a poop sandwich of sorts.

Shawn brought me his cordless headphones he doesn't use that I am excited to try out....I am finding in order to block out the noise of the upstairs and downstairs ppl I am watching my TV really loud so I am thinking with these headphones I can have it at the level I want and its not being used to block out their noise thus creating more noise that they are possibly blocking out...1st world problem - I know. I just like blocking shit out.

I have conquered my curtain issues....ALL BY MYSELF. I can now work my drill like a mofo and know how to hang curtains - CORRECTLY. Choosing curtains however is harder...hard to know how they are going to hang with one panel or 2...such stupid home decorating stuff...I hate it. I like that to be the job of someone else...I can watch all the HGTV I want - I still do not have a flare for putting things together...that goes for clothing as well as make up - anything fashion related...I think I am missing that gene.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've been a total shut-in all week as well. Really tempted to continue this until spring.
We should start a business together. I'm not bad at pulling a house look together, but I suck at the drilling and practical part.