Friday, February 01, 2013

Bullets at my heels...

"...I'm never going back, I'm running from the sun, bullets at my heels, the devil's got a gun..."

OMG Whitehorse was so amazing live...I think Amanda and Adrienne agree with me 100% when I say it is one of the best performances I have been to...their looping expertise is fun and interesting to watch....Liam Finn loops a lot as well and I really enjoy that was hotter than Hades in the venue and their bottles of water were 4 bucks a pop but damn – great show. Opener Daniel Romano (sp?) was not my cup of tea...early on I kind of thought it might be a comedy skit b/c the honky tonk was so severe....I just couldn't stomach it...his weirdo get up was the most bizarre though....he walked in with a hipster jacket on and looked to be your typical Victoria hipster kid.....then comes out on stage wearing a sparkly cowboy suit and hat....It was just too much...BUT THAT'S OK BECAUSE WHITEHORSE MADE UP FOR IT! I couldn't stop staring at either of them on stage....hmmm who would I rather make out with...Luke Doucet or Melissa McLelland...?

Tonight right after work we (me, Donna, Erin, Amanda, Lisa etc) are heading to Soprano's Karaoke Bar with Ms. A. for her birthday grub and shenanigans...Erin is going to sing a song for her and we are all pretty stoked about that. Stay tuned to youtube for that funniness.

Maggie is being induced right this second...would be cute for new baby Riley to share and birthday with A. She is on board too! Hope it is short and goes well for Maggie after all this waiting...Kelly just told me it's all rolling along thus far a little quicker than last time so this is good! The cool thing about this new baby....Riley Jay is his name...Riley was my grandads father's name...and Jay is my middle name which was taken from my grandfathers Uncle Jay....I love that connection even if it wasn't intended or on purpose.

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