Sunday, March 24, 2013

Almost off....

Last day with miss A. today for  long time...She is buzzing about packing and repacking her backpack, changing her mind about what to bring..."omg look at this shirt with buffaloes on it...I should bring this!" Cracks me up.

Last night we all made pizzas...I tried out a new sweet potato/almond flour crust recipe...after 1 failed batch the others were good and we built our pizzas and dined together talking about how the crust was like a biscuit.

Then we watched a doc called GENERATION RX which wasn't really news to me but good to see regardless b/c it just strengthens my own personal ideas about how there are far too many ppl medicated mindlessly by Drs who do not know these people or understand that sometimes it is just part of life to feel like shit and be sad. The drugging of children is especially disturbing b/c as someone who probably would have been medicated if I was born 10 yrs later than I was - I cannot fathom who I would be had that delicate time in development was hampered with. I am not moronic though...I think some ppl do benefit from drugs b/c they have real issues...but there is no gawd damn way most kids taking this crap need it. School in our society is geared towards one type of is not set up to be flexible or accommodating so kids - if you do not fit into the mold we have created here for EVERYONE well then there is surely something wrong with you, you are broken and you need fixing. Give me a fucking break.More injustice and abuse inflicted upon unsuspecting people for the almighty dollar. The film itself is sad as shit...the #s of suicides by children on these drugs is painfully horrifying...all these families torn to bits. Having known someone who died in this manner - a gentle soul of a kid who took anti-depressants for a week before violently shooting himself in the head - pretty sure he would still be here if that idiot doctor did not blindly prescribe this kid an anti-depressant b/c he was sad about being dumped by a girl...the thing that makes me so angry about this is ppl just disregard these suicides b/c the ppl were antidepressants...they must have been depressed and suicidal to begin with right? Yeah - no...not all the time...the whole thing is ridiculous...all for profit.

After that uplifting piece (eye-roll) we laughed that 20/20 had a show about travel scams and such so we watched that....then House Hunters had a show about Quito, Ecuador so we have to watch that b/c that is where A. is actually sat around watching TV all night together and it was nice...doesn't happen often.

Off to eat some Ativan....

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