Sunday, June 16, 2013

Broken Leg/Heart Sunday typical  fashion I have gimped my foot up in a completely different sort of way (b/c the usual way was just too typical I guess)...this of course happens right after I make the conscious realization that my plantar fasciitis has improved in credibly with the use of the crocs and the leg brace at in - pain cut in half and a marked improvement. I was really impressed with myself so it seems fitting I would be struck my lightning or suddenly have some different foot issue to deal with now. Seriously sick of this shit...and it is nothing more than fuel so fuck you universe.

I am drinking a hot cup of tea to counteract the ice pack strapped to my works well. I really want a yummy breakfast so I think I will do that later....for lunch....eggs. Yes - eggs. Store bought - no poop showing eggs. I have this thing about farm fresh eggs...if I see chicken goo on the egg shells...I cannot eat the eggs. I have tried...I can't so instead I settle for grocery store eggs that are pristine in the carton...such a wuss. Don't get me wrong - during an apocalypse when we were all starving...I'd eat a penguin egg ffs...but everyday life with choice...I pick a clean egg. Maybe cousin Kelly can cook me something one day with her farm fresh eggs...if I don't see them I bet it would be ok.

We humans are so out of touch with me - I understand the stupidity and disconnect with my poopy egg phobia...If I had to kill, gut and prep the meat I wanted to eat I would be a forced vegetarian I think. I love my chicken in a styrofoam tray with no skin or fat on it, no bones....ready to bbq or shake n bake....eating chicken with bones seems so primal..isn't that hilarious? ha ha haaaa Ridiculous preference...white chicken breast. Man I would get skinny in a hurry  living off the land.

Well its now 8 hours later and such a sad Sunday...was very sad to hear about 2 good friends splitting up...I have been dreading this for about a year...and now that it has happened I am so very sad for them both...Donna and I both have been dreading it and we will probably need to go to counseling now.  FACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

Going to prepare for a sad True Blood premier and break up chili eating fest.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

What happened to your foot? Isn't aging grand? I keep getting new pains in places I didn't even think it was possible to feel pain. Weird.

~Jen~ said... this bitch machine...I pulled something terrible from the whole top of my foot up my ankle to shin...thankfully today after icing it and anti-inflammatory all day yesterday its better enough i can walk better....yesterday was pretty poor hahaha

being old and fat sucks ass.