Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Reek of Dysfunction....

The reek of dysfunction....I think it hangs around me like a cloud...I was standing at the bus stop pondering my probably attachment disorder and came up with the "reek of dysfunction" when I was thinking about how I project myself upon the world. Could be the low self esteem talking...or it could be a pretty accurate depiction. Truth is - I think I am kind of negative...I am in my head for certain so that really does radiate.

For instance...people who walk down the street is that? Even when I am happy and do not have a care in the world on a nice breezy cool day I DO NOT walk around grinning. I always wonder what these ppl are so happy about that they feel compelled to smile constantly. That shit makes me suspicious. Sometimes I convince myself they are inwardly laughing at me...then I talk myself out of that and just come to the conclusion they must be struggling with a mental illness. Those smiler folk are right up there with mouth breathers. Today at a bus stop, I was already on the bus and at the stop there was a man standing there with his mouth wide friggin' open...ON THE STREET....bugs are gunna fly right in there man...CLOSE YOUR MOUTH! But nope...stands there...for a long period of time so you know that's just how he rolls...The Mouth Breather Bus Stop Guy. ::shakes head:: See I have nothing nice to say about my bus adventures...if I want such a Negative Nelly I'd just sit and enjoy the ride and mind my business but no...I observe and gather intelligence for some mission the CSIS will surely send me on to uncover a network of mouth breathing terrorists that surely plague our peaceful way of Canadian life as we know it.

I do not even know what I am talking about anymore.

2 more days until the long 4 day weekend....for the love of gawd I cannot wait. It is WORLD WAR Z weekend...I am going to see the Brad Pitt zombie movie and I am stoked. Lots hype and background to the making of this movie...and Rotten Tomatoes is rating it decent so I am not expecting it to be a stinker. I will say though that last weekend the movie I saw was one of the funniest movies I have seen in well over 10 years. THIS IS THE END was so funny...such great lines and creative - the actors all play themselves during the end of the world...some great shocking moments - seriously recommend this to anyone who enjoys comedies.

Kim is moving out on Sunday and is at her new place painting up a storm to rid the place of brown paneling. It is will a nice place for her...very large and private and cozy. Should be a nice move Sunday since she has movers to move all the big crap...we won't wreck ourselves which is a nice perk. I certainly plan on taking U Haul up on this new movers service...They will even drive for really when I move next I don't have to do shit all except be neurotic about my stuff getting broken.

A. is gunning for us to move hardcore. She even offered up a whole paychq to pay for the movers and damage deposit. Tempting but I have a few things on the go and can't really go there quite yet...maybe in November!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I find it hard to believe that street smilers just do so automatically. Smiling is work!

Cyndy said...

When I took the bus, I would always seem to attract the weirdest people. From the little old crazy guy who would pull warm candy out of his pants pockets and try and press them in my hands to the guy would ask me over and over questions about the book I was reading (I'm reading...Christ, look it up on Amazon.) I was asleep with my head against the window when I felt a lady poke me so that I could move my bag out of the seat next to me so that she could sit down...which I did. Then I woke up to see there were exactly 4 people on that bus...but she NEEDED to sit next to me. Or the guy who is sitting behind me that just has to pet my hair. Or the guy who really wants to tell me about his stay in the psych hospital.

~Jen~ said...

ha ha haaaaaa great bus stories...if nothing else riding the bus is most excellent people watching and weirdness encounter heaven