Monday, July 01, 2013

Sweaty Boob Days of Summer

I, for one, have no idea how people enjoy this sweaty piece of shit weather. I am sad I have to leave the house this afternoon to volunteer...quite bitter about it actually...I did manage to wheel and deal with Kim though so I have a ride there and back after I help her move the last of her loot into her new apt. from the car today. It has been nice for her to have a car all of move week (thanks Kate!) - made life a lot easier!

The move went well...ignoring the fact I had gut rot all day...the movers showed up on time...they were fast, efficient and pleasant and it was an all around good experience. Straight Line Pro Moving in Victoria BC is the way to go...makes my next move a bit less daunting knowing I don't have to ruin myself to get it done.

Kim's gigantic couch didn't fit in the living room so its sitting in her hallway until she can sell it....too bad b/c it is such a big living room it would have been nice to squash it in there...Kim has some mementos and stuff that are a nice walk down memory lane...some school pictures of my brother (from when he was little) I haven't seen before...that yellow shirt is from the sane Jr. High I went to when we lived in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan....Empire...omfg I hate that school...mainly b/c of the PE program...they had this "gym strip" policy,,,,everyone had to wear shorts and a shirt for gym and then you were expected to shower after class....Ummm excuse me? Mandatory forced showing in a public setting? This grade 7 neurotic about nudity went ape shit into survival mode that was terrible. I faked it for a while...eventually the teacher got more hardcore...and I had to step up the faking know ...wet my hair and clothes a bit...all the fakery was more of a work out than anything going on is was actually really mind fucking to my delicate psyche at the time...caused me a shit ton of stress...looking back it seems silly...but there is no accounting for peoples hang ups and weirdness I guess....shit I am 43 this year and showering at the gym now causes me FAR MORE STRESS than it easy being me.

It is Canada Day but I don't care b/c it is simply too hot to I do not. Plus....not really proud of our shit gov't these days...provincially or federally so...all I feel is sorry for Canada really....Is it too much to ask for a bit of gawd damn wind?

LOL @ the Guy Fawkes mask in the front window of the adult store...

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