Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Trifecta of Fuckery

As a fairly self aware person I am sometimes in awe of how few coping skills I have...It completely explains some very undesirable behavior of my youth and not so youthful self. Today was a shining example of my inability to chill the fuck out (by the way all you 'calm down' ppl do not do me any favors telling me to calm down as if it just that simple).

Was in a rush and missed breakfast this morning...big no-no for this fatty...I turn into the cranky asshole in the Snickers the Joe Peschi version...not even kidding...just go crazy asshole angry, aka hangry (hungry and angry). So I am hungry...then realize I have left my gawd forsaken lunch on the counter at home and have no lunch. Now I am hungry, bitter and going to have to buy lunch...morning progresses and I am pretty spazzy b/c it is the 1st day of Matthew Good pre-sales...still waiting on an email telling us wtf the pre-sale code is not on the website or Facebook and Live Nation said they don't have one and to check with the fan site. SERIOUSLY PPL...I have not had breakfast!

Someone came around work to say that there MIGHT be a fire drill....I immediately have an aneurysm b/c its 9 am...tix on sale at 10 am and I am sure MIGHT means there is one and how much you wanna bet it will fuck up my ticket quest? I have that lingering on my mind...cannot find pre-sale code (I curse pre-sales!!!!)...Oh look it is 9:30 am and the fire alarm goes I am a potty mouth MFer and losing my shit b/c these drills are not as simple as standing downstairs...every floor, all 11, have to file down the stairs ----- please keep in mind it is Sept 11th and that creepy irony is not lost on me as we all tromp down the numerous flights of concrete stairwell ---- everyone files downstairs and then we have to walk to a designated area about 4 blocks away. No big deal...UNTIL YOU ARE UNDER A BIT OF A TIME CRUNCH!! and HUNGRY...and HAVE TO PEE...and IT IS HOT AS HELL OUT...and just happen to be a friggin spazz.

I manage to get back to my desk at 9:58 - still no fucking pre-sale I decide to wing it and try the previous ones from other sales this tour...PICNIC... PICKLES... COVERT... ARROWS... DESIRE... nothing...fml. That is when I starts throwing trail mix into my mouth b/c I could feel the steam starting to billow out of my ears like in was not helping. Eventually I surrendered. I gave up. I have the pre-sale code for tomorrows pre-sale so fuck it. Can you  tell I hate shitty seats...? Oh and you know what the best part is...? For some reason the Royal Theatre decided that for this show we do not get to choose the seats we want...we get the "best available"...UHHHH FUCK YOU ALL...seriously...I feel like an autistic kid whose worker just handed her a red block instead of the customary blue one...WHY! Why must my chi be fucked with so much in one day....? And it is not just that...I have something else weighing heavily on my mind and it is making all these other minor things feel like the end of the gawd damn world...I do not want to talk about that other thing b/c it reeks of betrayal and Jerry Springer and I just cannot be bothered.

So....after all that I left early and dragged Catherine to lunch with me and it was delicious and I felt myself completely become centered as each shovel of food hit my stomach. Classy.

Anyhow...tomorrow should go ok...I am getting up at 530 am again b/c this 6 am wake up business doesn't work for me...
It is too effing hot in here right now...I need to go sit in front of my fan and read my book and decompress...


The Spazz


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Even though I know this story had a happy ending, with you getting your normally awesome seats, I was still spazzing out along with you while reading this. Faaaaak!

~Jen~ said...

hahhaaaaaaa glad I could share!