Friday, June 20, 2014

Worst photo ever...hahhaa

Probably wondering wtf is up with my eyebrows in this picture huh? This was my idea to show my darling daughter how I feel about her penciling in her eyebrows... again.

See - she did this before she went traveling and on a daily basis it cut me deep inside to see those Brooke Shields/Caterpillar Atrocities she would draw on herself. She did not do it right before the trip once she got them all shaped and prettified or during...until now...

She is so friggin lovely it boggles my mind why a person would want such a feature to be the only thing you notice on their face. Admittedly, I am no fashionista or glam gal - I do not know shit...but if all I can do is STARE IN HORROR at your eyebrows I am pretty sure I am not the only one so quit that shit. I won't post a picture of hers or she will fly back just to light me on fire...I am also too chicken to post this on Facebook b/c I do not want her mad at me. (haha coward)

It is Friday....FML I love Friday. This has been a rough work week...any time a consulate changes their policy re: document authentication not only does the volume of my work increase but it results in an influx of emails and calls from frantic ppl shitting their pants b/c they have to have their documents PRONTO - thus it becomes my problem b/c that is my personality...I suck up everyone's anxiety and make it my own. Fun times. It will simmer but until then it will be a little hairy...better than slow and boring though that is for sure.

Ms A is enjoying Melbourne....such a city gal. She has found some work starting next week, not her ideal but it will tide her over until something more to her liking comes along. She has made a bunch of friends and seems to be reveling in the experience...even if she is starving. Starving by choice. The hostel has a bit of a kitchen oven, very busy and she is just not in love with cooking in general. She needs to get in a groove is all. She send me some great little gifties that arrived a while ago...some really cool chopsticks and a cloth koi wall hanging for the wall once framed. I have so many cool chopsticks (thanks Chris and Fangfang)...

Pool is still closed...they are replacing the boilers apparently. Big's ok b/c my knee is not better yet....I have turned a corner though and if I keep favoring it and taking it really easy it might eventually be its old self again. But will it really? I am only 43 and every time I friggin hurt myself (which 95% of the time is due to exercising for the love of gawd!) I am never quite right again...that seems a big young for that. Thanks obesity. You are awesome. I am at a crossroads right now - the degree of my antisocial behavior/agoraphobe tendencies is getting a bit uncomfortable even for me...I am recognizing the need for a shift or I will be "that person" know "that person"...the one that ends up on the news b/c it took weeks for the cops to find her in her hoarder house, dead and rotten. I know if I died my fucking cat would eat me too...eyeballs first...tender eyeballs. That pisses me off. Ingrate cat.

23 JUMP STREET....hahahaha I laughed...a lot. I really enjoy those movies. I actually hope they do a 3rd one.

Let's talk about TEA:

I like a good cup of orange pekoe tea (you know the stuff gramma's drink, the stuff the english love)...with sugar and milk....mmmm but I am trying to wean myself off it mainly b/c I would rather have  NO tea than use artificial sweeteners b/c they just gross me out....and herb teas are just a cruel mean, good smelling water with NO TASTE....smelly hot water. Rude. Until this tea came into my life...
It came in this variety pack I got for Xmas (thanks Aunty Pam or Maggie or whoever it was - you rock) and it is amazing. IT HAS A TASTE TO GO WITH THE HOT WATER SMELL!!! I actually had to check and make sure they didn't sweeten it b/c it wasn't bland and gross. I just ordered myself a whole tin online...I am stoked. Let's not talk about tea anymore. Gawd.

A few concerts coming up....end of the month - Heart with Jason Bonham on drums (his dad as the Led Zeppelin drummer, John) and they are doing a set of LED ZEPPELINNNNNN covers....if you have never heard Heart do Led Zeppelin covers I just feel sorry for you. They made Robert Plant cry ffs....Heart made Robert Plant weepy. FML. I cannot wait.

July 3 Holly McNarland rolls into town, Sidney actually (BOO! SIDNEY!) but I am going anyway despite the pain in the ass to get there and back. I have wanted to see Holly McNarland live since the early 90's so 20+ yrs of pining shall end soon...Love the gals with big voices....would kill a nun riding a donkey to see Sinead O'Connor live too.

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