Monday, November 27, 2006

excuse me, can you spare a crack pipe?

sometimes when im eating something if i dont hurry and get a different taste in my mouth, like LIGHT SPEED, ill puke....weird things like...mac & cheese...baked chicken...etc...just some weird taste....that happened tongiht as i ate my rice/peas/ground beef/garlic mixture....i ran to the kitchen to chew up a flintstone vitamin to make sure i didnt throw up.

i didnt fall on my ass on the way to work, but only b/c i was was tomorrow when i go to work in the daylight ill hit the cement....

its really quite gay how this place gets with snow...i roll my much as i hate snow and find it to be a retarded inconvenience ppl act like a tsunami hit and they are ruined.
i mean really...look at alberta...those ppl are tough mother fuckers...thats real cold...and snow... not this whiney ass shit-- and yes im fully aware i am a whiney ass.
poor buffy hasnt had power since yesterday...and the cat just shit on her bed and ate her expensive lunch meat...THAT MY FRIENDS IS REAL HARDSHIP lol

fuck i just remembered i have a Dr appt tomorrow.
ha! i just rescheduled.

4 days til im on vacation!!! woooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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