Wednesday, November 15, 2006

...flickering lights...

the wind has stopped...just like that.
it was blowing like a mofo all night, rattling the patio doors even, shaking the whole bldg, then just like that ---- DONE.
what a rip off...i love it when its all violently stormy.

work today was weird.
when i first got there C. came to me and told me her partner of 7 yrs has been fucking someone else and has knocked up the other girl.
guess how she found out? she was concerned about him (hes in the navy and out on a ship presently) and looked in his email for a weather report he gets special through the navy (they both have access to each others email) and what does she email from "mandi" talking about an ultrasound, baby names etc.
i dunno how she didnt lose her fucking marbles right then and there.
7 is the point?
what a shiteating hurtful thing to do to someone...
anyway this pretty much laid out the way the day was gunna go...

the englishman wanted to come over last night he invited himself...said he would grab a movie etc...ok wtf, i havent seen him in well over 3 weeks...i dont particularly like having to re arrange my whole fucking bedroom but wtf...lifes rough aint it?
9 pm rolls around...he calls...ranting about this and that and how hes in a pissy mood and isnt in the mood to come over now.
okay nice to just cancel plans at the last moment b/c you are in a mood.
tempermental little really pissed off...he has pissed me off a little more than im comfortable with these days...i already have one moody fucking kid to deal with - way too high maintenance.
so yeah...i think im done.

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