Wednesday, November 15, 2006

screw u japan

keep your damn earthquakes in check over there b/c i do not want any more tsunami warnings here wrecking my gawd damn chi!

my kid is back to her regularly scheduled ignorant took about 3 mins being home and she was in a crap mood. ive decided i am gunna turn off the single mom guilt (that shit is lethal i can assure u) and just let her hide in her room and be an anti social fucktard from now on. as long as she isnt doing crystal meth in there or starting fires, what the hell.

it gets old fighting a battle that is apparently ill just let her be a tard and go on with my own shit and she will either grow out of it or we wont speak when she puts me in a fat lady nursing home when im 65.

payday is this friday thank gawd.

omfg i get this call yesterday from work...a hooker trying to cash a chq she got from a john....ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa WTF!! why would someone pay with a fucking chq?!?!?! that is a cash business man! do u really want your sexual lameness advertised at financial institutions? and what if it bounces? that is NOT a collection call I want to make hahah hahaha no fucking way hahahahaha the stupidity of ppl still astounds me.

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