Thursday, November 30, 2006

grumble grumble

im grouchy.
i watched a movie this morning - MEMENTO.
fuckin weird fight club sorta movie with a gay ending.
then i fell asleep, then i woke up, thats why im grumpy.

the dentist experience was fucked.
i guess its been 2 yrs since i was there...which is dumb cuz i have dental coverage (100%) but i hate them fuckers messing with my teeth cuz i go there with NO issues and they pick and buzz and scrape and then my teeth feel fucked...its like they trigger shit that is just fine til they poke the motherfuckingshit out of it.
i did however fall in love with the hygenist who - if i was gay - i would wanna make out with, strictly due to her personality and sense of humor. she swears, i like her.
i might be looking at a root canal in january...ive avoided a root canal for 36 yrs and im more than irritated that someone says i might need one now.
i dont want one, theyre nothing but fucking tooth doesnt even hurt. fuckers.

it is way too hot in here...
2 more days of work and its vacation time...
goddess grant me the serenity to accept the things i can not light on fire....

my mall experience yesterday was shockingly decent.
school was in and the snow keeps all the freaks outta the mall so no line ups...i took it as a sign to get some shit done and pick up some crap b4 its all gone..u know those HOT items u know in 2 weeks will be nowhere to be found... (HAHAHA AYLA IM NOT TELLING YOU WHAT YER GETTINGGGGGGGGGG)

the snow is trying to melt.
bring on the rain to rid this place of the evil white death.

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