Friday, November 10, 2006

I am a boring shithead

its a CSI night apparently....I am always in shock at how many times a day there is a CSI on.

tomorrow night after work I think im gunna go see the ILLUSIONIST .... get some Edward Norton action in my life...its playing at the cheap theatre as an added treat.

Sometimes im amazed at how truly boring I am....and then I laugh at myself for thinking other ppl are boring...more boring than I am...but im not sure thats possible.
Now I am becoming truly astounded at the level of my boringness...that'll teach me for overthinking this...cuz in my head its always just going and going and never bored but...bloody hell...its a wonder i have any friends at all.

I really wanna get SKIN & BONES (foo fighters)...ive heard some on the radio and im digging it...i was sad to miss that tour :o( -- so the cd will be a nice conselation.
The new Incubus too.... too fucking boring to live.

good night

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