Friday, November 10, 2006

never fall asleep watching A&E's cold case mysteries

fuck man....its stormy here...I got up at 530 am to bring in the mardarins off the balcony cuz i was sure theyd blow away...

after this im gunna get more creative with my punishment - the walking around the house pouting makes me want to rip her lips off...
I think ill stick 2 the NO computer and NO cable, then she has to use her brain and make other plans at least.
Fucking offspring.
I spent most of my teenage yrs grounded...3 mths @ a time sometimes...


The Englishman has his girls and his ex wife over this weekend. I think he thought I gave a shit or something b/c he kept assuring me he would be sleeping on the cot while she and the grrls would be in his bed.
it's neither here nor there pretty much in shrug mode, apathy is a curse and a blessing.

So i have a kidless sure ill do shit all...but will enjoy the silence and the NON COMPLAINING, except 4 what goes on in my own head.

Never fall asleep on the couch with the cold case show on A&E....the gruesomeness weeds its way into your dreams and makes for grossness in your head.....barf

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