Thursday, November 16, 2006

i hate xmas already

well fuck...i dragged all the xmas crap out and then decided once id made a big giant crap pile of a mess that i didnt feel like decorating after all...but i did make some xmas tree ornaments im giving away this year.... they fit my mood, personality and overall outlook.

today i blew 47 on the new courtney love book...
it gave me a complete hard on in the store. I plan on crawling into my bed soon and molesting it.

the man whos name i refuse to type called me today and i answered by accident butluckily i was on a bus heading downtown and only had 3 mins left on my phone so i couldnt talk.
ill return his call tomorrow...maybe we will get in a big probably not...u have to give a crap to fight about something and its quite obvious to me this roll in the hay isnt all that important to him.

I think ill go see BABEL this weekend...i wanna see Brad Pitt cry.

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