Friday, November 17, 2006

lindsay lohan is illiterate. the end.

slept like a dead thing again...

its not raining again...
the house is covered in xmas shit.
im hitting zellers today and getting a short string of LED color changing lights 4 the tree...
thats my big adventure...aside fr the fact i have to work at a different branch for 4 hrs today...a branch that uses really new and fuck up equipment...machine that spits the $ out 4 ya so u can never not balance...only there are so many bugs in the programming you can still finish your shift with a 22K outage hahahahahahah Nicccccccce....


I went off on my kid yesterday b/c she didnt answer her phone after school when i called...."SCREAMMMMMM - why do i pay for it if u never bother to answer it - SCREAMMMMMM" then morphed into me ranting, which i dont do the real rant...where I tell her shes an inconsderate little fuck and neveer takes into acct that while everyones looking out 4 her and making sure shes happy and safe there is no one giving a flying shit about me in this house and if she was any kind of human she would occasionally give back a little and not fucking spend her life just tormenting me with her every action.
She is so SICK of being grounded she sat there and said NOT A WORD (anyone who knows her knows this is as rare as a purple unicorn frolicking in your backyard)...ha ha ha
she still sat in her room all night and wouldnt come out except to beg 4 MSN time but...thats was a good tv ight and shit i had my hands full with xmas bullshit.
I have these tube lights I got from Maggie yrs ago...I love em cuz they look cool but they get really hot so i wont use them inside but now i have a balcony and im gunan use them out last night i tried and when they turned on it was SOOOOOOOO bright that I turned it right back off bc it was like i was creating LIGHT pollution hahahahha no shit.
I will put them back up Dec 1 hahaha

newflash: shift change....I am covering C's shift today as she is now having a mental meltdown...poor thing.
never fun...i hope the friends place shes staying at is close to a cold beer & wine store.

blogger wont lemme post pictures AGAIN.... twats.

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