Saturday, November 25, 2006

naked cavemen rule

my cell phone is near dead and beeped all night in my purse...I drifted off to sleep lstening to it, thinking i should go turn it off or plug it in or something but then i fell asleep and it was the 1st thing i heard this morning.
I slept through it cuz i was dreaming about Matt Good again. Havent drempt about him in a long time.
Its chilly brrr cold out and its time 4 me to get over my bedding fetish.
I have more bedding then a human being needs...I horde it. Squirrell it away, it takes up way too much closet im GIVING IT TO THE HOMELESS gawd dammit...its -1 today and the ppl sleeping outside need it far more than I do...
I can not imagine sleeping outdoors...I am a pussy and hate camping and to me homelessness is like camping...only no end in sight. Camping is being homeless on is that? Anyway - Victoria has a large share of homeless folk for its size and this city does shit all to deal with it so when it gets cold its nice to see something getting done...although it seems gay cuz they need a hand all year and nothing gets done.
I dunno what the answer is, im not educated enough to have any clue how to deal with it, it is just too complex but it really bothers me that anyone has to sleep outside...and yeah i think there is a degree of choice for ppl on the truly boggles my mind that someone wouldnt do whatever it took to get a roof over their head...but toss in addiction and mental illness and social retardation and it gets pretty complicated.
I am plagued with massive guilt walking past these ppl downtown...I feel guilty as a human for not inviting them all to my house to sleep on my warm floor and cooking them dinner...I feel guilty that I live in a culture that lets it go on, that these ppl are so under valued...I feel ashamed that sometimes I wear my MP3 player so "I" dont have to deal with them and feel guiltier about it all. Its part of why I think xmas itself is lame...its part of why giving at xmas (while its good) is so fucking ridiculous b/c we should give all fucking year, not just when our conscience kicks in for some hypocritical xtian holiday...

ok thats my rant 4 the day.
I work 11-7....should be a decent day providing no idiots ruin it...I swear to gawd my next job will not involve dealing with inbred customers.

Quest 4 Fire is on.....

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