Thursday, November 23, 2006


so u know how ive been going on about the holy toast etc....
well i googled it and came across the holy grilled cheese sandwich lady...who after biting a GCS 10+ yrs ago saw the virgin mary in her GCS and wound up getting 28K for it on ebay.

so like...10 mins after i read this and chuckle at the lame suckers in the world....i turn on miami ink (b/c u fucking americans and yer thanksgiving fucked up all my day off tv shows)...which is ok cuz i love miami ink...i drool over the owner Ami James and the hot girl Kat.
ANYWAY..........who should be on miami ink getting the virgin mary grilled cheese sandwich tattooed on herself???? THATS RIGHT...the lady who sold it for 28K.
So...ive taken it as a sign...a sign of what I DO NOT KNOW...but its a sign dammit.

my kid hates me again...oh wait...i dont think she stopped hating me from last time...but...anyway...yeah.
i will just have to get used to it and love her harder. thatll teach her.

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