Tuesday, November 28, 2006


im amazed at the way ppl walk in the snow....we, i waddle like a penguin, taking 387456873568 baby steps to ensure i wont fall...i DO NOT take my eyes off the sidewalk...always looking for the best foot placement etc.
then i see myself being lapped by ppl who just barrell along, carefree...WTF is that? do they LIKE to fall on their asses in public? shit i had an employee today who wiped out and fractures her knuckle on the way to work....believe it or not i try to avoid unnecessary injuries! haha

Anyway....the thermostat at work is BROKEN....the temp was 66 all day...even "I" wore a swear my whole shift...unheard of.
Hopefully tomorrow they fixers will come fix it.

it is FAR too cold next to the patio door...so im done here...i ate no FAIRWAY MARKET meat today so i should have a peaceful night.

I have to go to the mall tomorrow...WITH AYLA...dentist appt....GAWD HELP ME

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