Saturday, November 04, 2006

saturday....fog & rain

thursday night i ate so much bread and pasta that i lapsed into a coma afterwards....i sat on my couch unable to move and just kinda tipped over (*see cow tipping) and fell asleep like a drunken old fuck. I woke up at 1130pm, ER was long over and I still felt like was in pasta pergatory.
pre-menstration is an evil time...i turn into one of thse mental patients who have to be limited of water and have it rationed out to them b/c they will drink themselves until they drown... (Psychogenic polydipsia is a type of polydypsia with psychological causes sometimes described in patients with mental illnesses or learning difficulties. While psychogenic polydipsia is generally not found outside the population of those with serious mental disorders, there is some anecdotal evidence of a milder form (typically called 'habit polydispsia' or 'habit drinking') that can occasionally be found in the absence of psychosis or other mental conditions.)
only with food.... ha ha ha ha ha I recall Connie working in a mental hospital for a practicum of some sort once and there were ppl locked up who had toilets without water in it (they'd drink the water in it if they did), and the taps they had just dribbled out little bits of water....MESSED UP!
Anyhow....thats me with food right b4 the tomato boat docks 4 the month...INSANE...and no matter how many yrs I live it is a surprise to me each and every frikkin month....I dunno why!!!!! Maybe i am more than a little retarded??
I work today 10-6...Donna wants to see Pirates of the Carr. 2 tonight at the cheap theatre...seeing as the englishman was out with the boys last night im sure he will be as useless as tits on a nun so it sounds like a good idea to me. I drempt last night the englishman was a midget and he was waiting 4 me after work and I kept him waiting a long time (this pisses him off in real life something fierce) so when i went out there his little midget self was walking away in a huff and i grabbed him and got on my knees so we were eye level and asked him to settle down so i could apologize....i think i actually was chuckling as a i woke up lol
My left had has 5 - YES I SAID 5 - intact UNBITTEN FINGERNAILS! and the right has 3...thats 8!!!!!!! only 2 more to go! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO
***i have lovely pictures to go with this post but as per usual bloggers being a cunt and wont post any*** THE END

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