Monday, November 06, 2006

Borat - Bratty Kid - Gluestick

Borat made me gasp a few times....but man it was funny....the nasty Jesish references were so truly over the top you couldnt help but laugh...
I enjoyed all the US bashing as well.
Afterwards I bought a DVD burner. I installed but fuck if i can make it burn a DVD for me lol Will have to fiddle with it a bit apparently.

Ayla is in deep deep kaka...not only has she been MISBEHAVING (I will leave it at that) shes gotten so fucking lippy and shitty that shes no longer going to Vancouver for the long weekend, which is as much torture for me as it is 4 her really if u think about it. Sucks b/c Uncle mIke was gunna take her and Ash to THIS... stupid kid.
So yeah she is probably plotting how to kill me in my sleep, she hates me guts. It's kind of nice, she just hides in her room, its like shes away for the weekend aside fr the fact I cook for her. I just need a little slot in her door like in prison so i can toss her plate through.
I have a Manager Meeting FRIGHTENED. The itinerary is going to stem from THIS ....Like fuck....I dont even trust real life ppl, having trust in co-workers is VERY over the top 4 me. lol Its kinda Dr Phil-ish but Ive decided to stay quiet and listen and not be a negative asshole right off the bat or TC will string me up and beat me to death.

Anyway...everyone and there dog ----------- whoa! i forgot where I was going with that.

I had NO idea 30 SECONDS TO MARS was the jared leto band!!!!! WTF. Michelle B sent me a few of their dongs and i liked them!!!!!! I was reading barb's blog and she hates jared going back to read why now: brb - He talked shit about your niece????? EXPLAIN PLZ!?!?!?!

I am really irritated...i honestly cant stand it when my kid is being a little fucktard...she rants about wanting to live somewhere else, where life will be all fine and dandy b/c I wont be there....thankless job I tell u...completely THANKLESS. This is precisely why I did not have any more children, it is NOT my thing, im not cut out for it...and im NOW starting to see the wisdom in things aunty pam has said about *if I could go back and do over again....*
I dunno, maybe Ayla will grow out of being an asshole...then I wont have dreams of beating her SILENT.
For all u young parents out there....rethink raising your children to be witty free thinkers...and having them master sarcasm by the age 4. It will bite u in the ass.

So yeah I havent been on here making xmas cards now so im in GLUESTICK mode hardcore! wooohooooo I need more magazines dammit! I get all obsessive about the glue and scissors, its coloring with felts. I cant stop once i start...

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