Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Spank Me Borat!

Brucifer's bday is coming up...I spent the last hour making him a giant comic of out TOOL Concert Adventure...he is always regretful about all my highschool comics being MIA...guess they were the highlight of grade 12 for him...thats what i did all through highschool...wrote letters and notes to ppl, drew comics and pretty much just did sweet fuck all. Anyhoo...thats been MY evening....
CSI is on, I swear, 384758937583745x a day....

I have tomorrow off, laundry day....woot! woot!
Ayla went to Dylan's after school and got home right at bedtime..... NICE TALKING TO YA LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can feel the cold wind blowing through my glad heat is free in this bldg...drippy frikkin wondows that make the sills turn into PONDS if you dont clean them with anal retentive dedication weekly...gawd i detest my old apt. id grow some pretty freaky shit in the window became a science project.

I am a CHAMPION! I completed Month End all TODAY! 1 DAY!!!!!!!! 1 GLORIOUS DAY!!!!
MuHAAhahahahHAHAHAHahhahahahaa I can die happy now.....its usually a 5 day affair! (start humming Queen's WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS now)

Sunday me and the Englishman are going to see BORAT the movie...the Englishman and i dont generally do things out and about in public....we did breakfast on the weekend and that was the 1st time we have ever gone OUTSIDE together hahahaha
BORAT is gunna be a fucking hoot...Guy M. wont be lining up to see it (haha) but...thats ok...

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