Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yesterday @ Court....

<----u gotta click on that and read it 4 the rest of this to make sense.

So yeah it did go to trial and i did have to testify...I was tempted to tell them I was unable to swear on the bible but by then i just wanted to get it all the fuck over with.
The prosecutor gal was fabulous....she kicked some ass. the legal aid rep 4 the fraudster was a lame-o. He knew his client was cooked and coundnt do shit all about it. He kept asking to testify and they wouldnt let him hahahaha

So yeah then that was over. yay! On my travels back to work I found the fantastic HOLY TOAST MAKER thingy...and nearly truly shat myself over it. I am simply amused, what can I say?!?!?!
the whole court drama wore me the fuck out, its hard work not using slang to answer questions. hahaha
so last night i was eyes were all fucked up and dry and itchy and dead...I got home and had a wee nap b4 going to Ms Adriennes 80s trivia birthday party...another game i thought id be good at but am only good at 1 or 2 sections...the other 5 im useless lol

I came home and chatted up Sam a little-dazzled him with my freakish Deannas HIDEOUS trip story....aside from her getting killed herself ofr killing someone EVERYTHING else went wrong....blew a tire...missed a ferry...had to kitchhike back to the city she just left...spent 200.00+ on a tow and new tire...then the CV on her car broke...has to twist tie that together...trying to make the last ferry of the night she went in the ditch cuz there was a dead elk in the middle of the guy by guy has to pull her outta the ditch (keep in mind its raining and stormy while all this is going on and she has not even a fucking radio in the car)...makes the last ferry...on the way home she breaks down in a tunnel, no one will help her...rad is leaking, cars overheating...Did i forget anything? jesus.
So I had to call her....gawd. Ida been shooting cars driving by...
By then I was in coma town....and I slept like a dead whale.

I have today off....goal is to finish all the blasphemous xmas cards and get em ready 4 the the Price is Right while I clean and do that....then watch the young and the restless while i do other puttering...then Peoples Court is on. Then I want a nap....b/c by then I will have prepared a ROAST for dinner as well...and u know what...its my only day off for the next 7 so i will watch all the trash tv i fucking want....
I could not find hat 4 my xmas he is staying bald 4 now.
I am using all the $ im allowed to spend at xmas in Dec on my staff and buying them a toaster oven and a buttload of food rather than taking them out for drinks and appies cuz we all just cant wait to lv those functions so this will be the gift that keeps on giving baby!
OMFG we can have almost real food at work now! w00t! w00t!
Some asshole broke into out bldgs laundry room so its been outta commission all week. How inconvenient!


I think Guy and Donna are coming for a visit Dec 2 weekend....this is groovy! Great time 4 a visit...ill be on holidays and will be able to actually do shit.
Byt the way - I have the pictures from Courtney Love's recent nude photo shoot in a UK Magazine - email me if u want em...Ill be sending them out, so if u get em and didnt want em...sorry but dont whine or ill never send u anything again haha

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