Wednesday, December 06, 2006

doctor hatred & other raging

I have a very unhealthy dislike 4 Doctors....I realized this today as I felt my anxiety level rise to dangerous levels as I was in seeing a new doctor. Main reason being~ I do not trust Doctors and I detest their standoffish persona, more than anything.
This doctor, while female, has the typical standoffishness most have and this always rubs me the wrong way b/c im a pretty real person and this sort of shit bugs me to no end.
Friday I will get some bloodwork done and next Thurs I will go in for a crotch poke n scrape (and not the good kind I can assure u) and a complete physical so she can tell me im too fat to live and I can sarcastically thank her b/c I never noticed before.
BEFORE anything though i will straight out ask her if my view on vaccinations is going to be a problem for her....and if so I will end the whole thing on the spot and spare myself the humiliation of the following exam.

I then spent the afternoon on the verge of tears...for no apparent reason...I had mini epiphanies all day in my head and was wishing i had a pen and paper with me...personal epiphanies, nothing of major importance to anyone but me.
Both my bank cards were fucked so I ventured to RBC and BMO and fixed that all up...then i headed to the grocery store and wished the cashier would fucking shut up and just do her job w/o all the broken english chit chat.

TONIGHT: It is the finale of Americas Next Top Fucktard so A & T are coming over and we will dine on veggies and dip and lemonade...
after that Im gunna sit and do some writing....
I was just reading that the anti-inflammatories im taking can cause depression and water retention....WELL FUCK.

I am experincing my typical non-working psychosis...too much time to think= miserable overthinking whorecunt.
im listening to the Xanadu Soundtrack...that will sure help.
Has anyone ever seen The Idolmaker? Do u happen to have the soundtrack??

Tomorrow is laundry day...and i am prepared to bash the living shit out of any old middle aged bitches that snarl at me down there...

Ayla is in a good mood...I bought a 4 pack of red bull 4 her secret satan person at school...I felt like i was bootlegging. ha!

fuck i hate blogger 4 not posting pictures....

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