Thursday, December 07, 2006

I have never seen my mom dumpster dive...but there is still time

i thought maybe if i posted early in the day it wouldnt be so negative and be such a buzzkiller.

made myself stay up later and get up earlier so i wouldnt feel like such worked.
today is laundry day after all...i have older ladies to bash and have to be in tip top shape to cherry pick the machines if i wanna be done by 10 pm ha ha ha

i should venture outdoors today, a walk i think...i may even invite the englishman over to remind myself that being single RULES.
he is actually a nice person, i should remind myself of that, hes just a stupid bachelor and we have VERY LITTLE in common so it is seemingly pointless.
as it stands we see each other once a month, which is likely up there with how often married ppl *see each other* hahahaha that may be a generous number though....except for poor aunty cathy who married the horniest man alive HA ha HA ha

my kid coughing last night turned me almost homicidal...i cant think of a more annoying noise...esp. b/c she left her sleepytime cough meds on the bathroom counter and was up coughing until nearly midnight. Dip.

this bloated from picture...i saw it and THIS IS HOW I FEEL IN LIFE...bloated....flat/down & out and defeated...hahaha hhahaha hahahaa poor froggy...

the problem with being off work is u cant use work as a reason why u didnt get to see the ppl u need to see b/c its been a stupidly long time...

ive just started a good book...its a memoir by that entertainment reporter gal (forget her name already) whose parents were homeless by choice in new york and all the guilt she harbored over being suucessful and living on park ave. and seeing her mom dumpster dive as she drove by in a limo. THE GLASS CASTLE...
more babble later

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