Wednesday, December 13, 2006

gnomes? nativity jesus's?


I had to get colored lights 4 my tree today, I could not stand the clear ones...I wasn't even bothering to turn it now all is well in Jen's World...yeah all it took was a string of multi-colored LED lights....fuck I shoulda got em YEARSSSS ago.
I also had to buy some fancy paper b/c this year again I am writing to my friend Lani's 3 girls as SATAN...err I mean is entertaining knowing I am partaking in such an elaborate life changing LIE.
I need to stop listening to Adam Ant.
ohsweetmotherfuckingjesusofgermany...I saw a poster today of a NY's Eve concert here in Victoria....check it out: HELIX (hahaha), Harlequin, the Headpins and Prism!!! 60.00...

Now harlequin and Prism id get a kick outta seeing but fuck it if im gunna spend 60.00 and spend all night in an arena on NY's Eve with a buncha rowdy rednecks....too bad.
ANNOUNCEMENT: whoever brings me a stolen baby jesus (nativity variety) or any jesus statue or a gnome may receive sexual favors (depends on who you are)...otherwise u will compensated fairly.

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