Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gwen Stefani can yodel, bitch!

winds of 100mph and a worse storm on the way for tomorrow night! WOOTWOOT! I love it, so long as i dont lose a wuss...and unless there is someone around to hump since theres no lights/tv/computer/nothing then im not interested!

i was supposed to have company this evening but...due to some odd legal issues it didnt happen...(no i was not arrested trying to p/u a hooker)
michelle b, how are u digging this weather??
i wonder if aunty pam will drive us down to dallas rd for the storm?
tomorrow is laundry day....pffft. better get on it while theres power...
what can I talk about that is somewhat interesting....hmmmmm...ok this isnt interesting but...have any of u flicked past that william shatner game me the money?? FUCK IT IS WEIRD hahahaha they dance around all goofy and shit.

and the trivia is kind of odd as well.
Random Questions (plz answer in the comment section):
1- what animal did u always want as a pet but never got?

2- who in your life did you wish you slept with while u had the chance b/c now youll never get another one?

3- confess one thing you dont feel guity about that u probably should?

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