Wednesday, December 27, 2006

JESUS H CHRIST thank gawd that shit is over

omfriggingawd....i cant even tell u how relieved i am to get back to business and that xmas is done done done
today Bruce headed back to the mainland and i took off on a solo adventure to the bus depot to p/u a xmas card from my step dad Don - complete with 100.00 - gotta love that...then headed downtown to see a movie after a few errands to the bank and the post office...saw APOCOLYPTO...quite enjoyed it despite it being a Mel Gibson flick...ha i only say that bc hes so UNpopular now that hes slandered the Jews drunkenly for the whole world to hear...personally...hes a christian and you dont get much more hypocritial than that so his behaviour is hardly earth shattering to me. (all u offended xtians ~ do not email me telling me I'm going to hell, i already know it so fuck off).
Ayla hit the mall today with Dylan and they're one their way here for a sleepover now...gawd help me if i ever get a quiet night alone i might die....wait...NY's Eve, i think the sprog has a sleepover to go to....NO SPROG, NO ENGLISHMAN, NO NOTHING...I'm bringing in the new year solo the same way I'm gunna spend the upcoming year...well ill let the sprog tag a long of course...
I get back to work tomorrow...which is ok bc I'm not really good with being off work too long, it leaves me too much time to think....basically leaves me to my own devices which are never good...i get miserable and even more unmotivated that i am usually...which is why I've made the schedule all month so that my days off are split up - if i know i have ONE day to do stuff in the week I get it all done and don't waste my days off like i do if i have 2 in a row....then one is a loaf day....fucking waste.
Xmas tree is are the xmas lights and all the xmas crap around the house...yippeeee

I love my bedroom right makes me happy...i got through funny spells where things make me smile...kinda like the thing i have for my frog shower bed right now is all pillowy and reading a new when i snuggle in its like I'm in a beautiful coma of comfort.

I did no drinking over the need for it with my company pretty much drinking everything drinkable...was just not in the fact xmas day i was fighting off homicidal spells like nobodies business...that whole mixing friends thing NEVER works for me.

But there was lotsa leftovers so today i made about 4-5 meals and froze them for Ayla...

She is on a pretty tight leash at the far so good...
Brucifer messed with my settings...I have Internet Explorer 7 kinda weirds me out...its all tabbed and weird. I will get used to it I'm sure....although i am reformatting...
Peace out bitches.

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