Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Xmas Day '06

Ayla got so scammed this xmas...Aunty Pam got her a digital camera and didnt want her to peek so she marked the gift TO JEN....then got a empty cig package and put 20.00 in it plus a note saying how she spent all her money on Ayla's cousins Erika and Maddie and didnt have any money left over to get her a nice gift so here was 20.00 and she she would make it up on her b'day....he he he well the academy award goes to Ayla for appearing UNBOTHERED by this...although you just KNEW it was eating away at her...so then when she thought it was done I told her the one 4 me was actually 4 her and Pam just didnt want her peeking...so she opened it and it was all duct taped (although i must say aunty pam you really should have gone mental with the tape bc that would have been extra funny, making her work on it for 20 mins hahha)
so yeah she found the camera and shit her pants a little....and the iPod shuffle was a hit as well...so AS PER USUAL she did sickeningly well b/c her aunty cathy and cousins Maggie and Kelly, and her grammas/grandpa, bruce, me, etc all made it worth her while.

I marked this one TO AYLA FROM COURTNEY LOVE...
Bruce u sexy morning beast

a xmas staple!

So yeah thank god thats over...really...yesterday Donna and her cousin Cindy popped over for a quick visit....then the englishman came over and we did dinner...i didnt destroy it...yay! but i am not fond of making big dinners...its really too much fucking pressure, id sooner eat a frozen pizza, seriously...it makes me appreciate my mom, aunty pam and cathys amazing cooking/meals...i do not have the mental fortitude to cook meals for a group of ppl and not get fucked up about it haha
the stuffing was good...i kinda did some experimenting...make it with bread crumbs, onions, celery, red peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower...was yummy..i think i OD'd on the spices though but Bruce said it was supposed to taste like that haha
So yeah a couple roasted chickens, a vat of stuffing, gravy, smashed taters, veggies and pilsbury flaky buns and it was all over..then we were all in a FOOD COMA...
the englishman left at 10pm and i gotta say....that was an adventure....im not generally fond of MIXING my friends...it rarely works out for me...I am a chameleon of sorts and have a bunch of different kinds of ppl in my life...some i like more than others, some smarter than others, etc and it just BUGS me to have the different worlds melding together...not enjoyable at all for me.
I will leave it at that.
It is now boxing day morning...im up bc my back is sore...b4 bed Bruce and I watched RAVENOUS....gotta love a movie about vicious cannibalism after a big xmas dinner and right b4 bed....ha!
Everyones still asleep and im gunna go back to bed shortly.
I hope u all endured the holidays well...im so fucking glad its over i can not even begin to tell you how joyous i NOW feel. ha ha ha

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