Sunday, December 03, 2006

oh the things you can do in the city @ night

ohhh man...Guy & Donna's visit was great...we went for a mexican feast... and were planning to see a movie last night but after driving around - avoiding a xmas parade and cruising the hooker area to spot hookers - we opted to really live it up and go to a karaoke laugh at ppl, little did we know it was THE ISLAND CHAMPIONSHIP CONTEST that night so (there were contestants there from Powell River hahaha)...ppl were SERIOUS about their karaoke...One guy in particular STEVE was his he sat behind me whilst waiting 4 his turn and he was INTO it...he had on parachute material pants, a white shirt, black tie and a black trenchcoat COMPLETE with EYELINER hahaha and he was singing and talking to himself...we were trying to guess what ppl would sing to....I actually guess DAVID BOWIE for this guy and was right...he sang LET'S DANCE. he fucking cracked me up.
Had another guy who dreesed up like axl rose to sing SWEET CHILD O MINE, then during guitar solo he switched to a slash wig and hat complete with cigarette...he shoulda won just 4 his spirit even though he sounded like utter shyte.
During this time Donna was drinking wine and at one point I finally noticed (after looks of horror on Guy's face) she was up dancing with a toothless crackhead lady...i nearly pissed in my pants.

Afterward we went for a bite to eat at a 24 hr place...then went home and crashed...
Today was interesting as well:
McFuckers drive thru breakfast, Guy spilled his drink in the car and we both wore it, then we went looking for birds, thats what Guy does, he is a bird biologist guy...I admit I was struck amazed hearing him do bird calls and being able to identify every bird he saw like it was no big deal. He did manage to see SKYLARKS so that pushed him to 301 species this year...w00t! w00t! Went to a beach...I found some driftwood i had to have...then we went to an IMAX movie (survival island), was VERY cool.

Then they headed home...and I came home and had a nap b/c I feel like im getting sick which is so fucking typical seeing that i have this week off. Fuck.

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