Saturday, December 02, 2006

1st day off

kid has already pissed me off despite the fact i offered her her job back with 3 stipulations:

1- she cant go do it while im at work (b/c it makes me insane)
2- she must go 1st thing in the morning unless im there, then she must wait til im gone
3- no friends can go with her EVER.

then I see this on her friends website:

By: ayla
Date: Dec 1, 2006 7:06:02 pm
...i miss your already DUDE FUNNY STORY..i got fired last week from my job it back again today my mom is sooooo easy oh-emm-gee. SUCH a push over..annywayss got to go get back to my lamo life Aurevoir,Mon Cherrrriii

the thing i love is SHE thinks she got something over on me but in all reality....wait i cant write it me 4 the SECRET I MUST KEEP FROM HER! muhahahahaha rabbithunter AT shaw DOT ca

Guy & Donna are on their way here for the night YAY!

<----thats Guy, on a mountain...which he probably named after something related to breasts hahaha

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