Sunday, December 31, 2006

Poo Years Eve 2006

I'm reformatted and man this computer boogies once again! woooohooooo

Gawd it was so fucking slow b4 it's get so used to it u don't notice....kinda like life really...we always think things sneak up on us but really...they dont...we are just stupid and prefer not to take notice of the obvious. Me anyway.
Ayla was oogled by an old guy as she worked today (window washing)...this disturbs me...yeah shes pretty but COME ON...what grown man says to a 12 yr old *you are really it ok that i say that?* OOGLE OOGLE OOGLE....jesus fuckin christ...what 12 yr old needs to hear that from a 50 yr old horny fucktard on the street? He knows its not ok to say that or he wouldn't have asked if it was ok or not...fucking wanker.
I shake my head at humanity.
I pretty much just told her if she intends to stay pretty she better arm herself with the tools and skills to deal with that shit the rest of her days b/c if it isn't a 50 yr old perv its gunna be someone her own age using crafty manipulation to get in her pants...
Oh the joy.
I'm listening to an ol No Doubt cd....I do still like Gwen Stefani (esp b/c she thinks breastfeeding rocks the house down - CLICK HERE)....ok...i admit it i just want to steal her husband but whatever. DON'T JUDGE ME BITCHES!

I must become a vegetable is in the cards...if u have any way that u make vegetables edible and interesting plz email me the tactics you use so i can print them off and add them to my new cookbook...
I think I need a nap b4 I go out later...
you know you're old when....ha ha ha
OMFG i just remembered i might be getting a root canal on Jan 3rd.
Now i really have fuck all to look fwd to in the new year...
Jesus christ.

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