Saturday, December 30, 2006

Yo Homey...Go Fuck Your hat

Ohhh yay survived another day...the manager dinner was good despite the company (ha!), I chose a funky whacko salad with a turkey pot pie...was tasty.

All the discussion was a little barfy though...i dunno...I'm all for talking shit and talking about dumb ass crap but jesus u gotta toss in some fucking substance sometimes...
What really irked me (i don't get out much, I'm sure this isn't news to anyone else but me) was the automatic tip u are charged at this particular place...15% = 45.00
GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK...i don't care that there was 9 of us, that fucking server did not do shit all aside from what his job was so WHY is the tip MANDATORY? That shit pisses me off...if you are a good server, you'll get at least 15% tip from me...but if you are just mediocre and whatever why the fuck do u get EXTRA money for doing your job?
(and i have been a waitress before so don't gimme that speech)
I have to go look for my 100 GB drive I've been hording away for my reformat extravaganza...weeeeeee
Tomorrow night Ayla and I will pop down to Ardene's and Tracey's for a game or 2 ...I'm sure ill be home well b4 midnight...
Ayla's watching retarded TV...plz tell me they regain their brains back at some point and wont stay shallow and ditzy/stupid forever??? Pleasssssssssssssse!!!!!!!!!!!!?
*throw up*
I am getting totally good at tuning out all the fucktardedness around me. I must be a true parent now...I do it at work...I do it at home...on the bus....
Ohhh fuck here's a xmas story about a bus ride 4 u...
brucifer and I were on the bus and all this weird shit was happening on the bus ride...1st we were sitting behind a woman, who had striking red hair and was really quite good looking, complete with a walker and a giant i saw the walker and when i noticed the twitch I put 2 and 2 together....yeah well Bruce didn't see the walker and being from Vancouver he just assumed she was a crackhead and really loud said *TWITCH!*
I died inside...and looked at him with a *what the fuck is wrong with u* took about 4 mind for him to realize the gal was actually NOT a crackhead at all (not that that would have been ok anyway)....then he felt SO fucking dumb he started rambling about being a fuckwad and apologized, I think she twitched him a thank you twitch. I was sure she was gunna punch me in the face...
Then...some wanna be white boy gangsta turds got on the bus...B and I had JUST been talking about ebonics and how we hated white folks talking like gangsta dipshits...trying to be all black and this fucking guy comes on the bus and started yappin his shit and all I can do is look over at B and say *BITE YOUR TONGUE*, which he did cuz he knew he used up all his rudeness allowance with the twitch girl.
Anyway we endured this fucking idiot talking about his gangsta hair doo and how tough he was and shit...

then a drunk guy came on the bus - sat down and proceeded to tip fwd and fall FLAT ON HIS FACE! fuck i nearly diedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd cuz i all know i am terrible when i see ppl fall or hurt themselves, its the only time i feel JOY.
So after that crap i couldn't believe all the weirdness but then realized its cuz its the only time I've ever been on the bus with out headphones on - i will never ride w/o headphones again.
No more englishman for me.
I'd rather hump my mattress ive decided.

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