Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sacred Heart of Jennifer Jay

holy mother of gawd look what i found at wal-fart this time!?!?!?!?! WOOOHOOOO the motherload!

goes nice with my jesus candle...
so I took the 150.00 i was allowed to spend on staff tonight and bought a toaster oven and the rest on FOOD - cookies, margarine, hot chocolate, hotdogs, cheese, bread, soup, noodles, coffee, crackers, giant jars of peanut butter and jam etc...Donna & I had a blast spending company $$$!
Now i wanna go back to work so i can make toast!!! Even thought I can make toast at home...duh

Ok...the other night Ayla found a bunch of LPs out on the street, one of them being a EP of Missing Persons....remember them? Walking in LA, Destination Unknown, etc? I used to have their records...I loved that pink haired chick...shes kinda the Gwen Stefani before Gwen Stefani only she was in Hustler and this impressed me when I was 14.

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