Saturday, December 09, 2006

severe coersion

I love it when Ayla is being a wanker and really wants to do something (tonight its a birthday party with about 20 kids going, gawd help that mother) and I can hold it over her head and make her have conversations with me...

Today it was all about herpes, HIV, pregnancy, how all boys lie and will say ANYTHING to get in your pants (and I mean anything) and how u have to keep your wits about you and go with your guts and never be stupid...and if yer walking down the street and a car/van pulls up what to do and how to never stop fighting or ever make it easy 4 them and to yank their fucking testicles off and poke their eyeballs right outta their heads...and to just not be a stupid retard and get into bad situations etc.

She is thoroughly traumatized now.
My job is done this week. (i dont make it traumatizing, she is just dramatic)
Tonight im gunna go see the Polar Express with Donna in the IMAX theatre...its cheap when u have that year pass...I hate cartoons but itll be groovy in IMAX.
Then im gunna head over to Big Bad Johns and meet up with a gal ive been talking to online 4 a while now...Shawna...i think we can talk some good shit together. MuHHAHAHAHAHAHA Im sure itll be an early night, I will enjoy being kidless...

I go back to work going to have a nap now.

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